Skin Benefits of Bananas

Who does not know a banana? Yellow fruit was ripe if this has a sweet and healthy carbohydrates able to block the stomach longer. Not only bananas are widely used by today's society, but they also take a lot of the benefits of banana peel to address the problems of the human body. So, this review we will discuss the content and benefits of banana peel completely.

The content of Banana Skin

pisangUmumnya skin, peel bananas contain natural compounds that nourish the body. The content in the banana peel you should know that carbohydrates, vitamin B complex, vitamin B6, water, vitamin C, vegetable oil, and fiber serotonin. Various compounds have diverse properties to nourish your body, especially for skin health. However, already know that banana peel is useful also to be processed as an alternative energy? Now, consider the full review in the review of the complete benefits of banana peel.

Banana Skin set Benefits

1. Improve Mood

Za banana peel contains a high enough serotonin. Substance serotonin is beneficial to improve one's mood. So, no one if your happy mood to restore the exhausting activity, eating a banana smoothies mixed with skin refreshing and beneficial to your happy feelings.

2. Relieves Pain

Useful banana skin to relieve pain. This diperangaruhi by the presence of vegetable oil that serves as both a pain reliever. To relieve the pain and the pain caused by sunburn for example, you can put a banana skin clean and fresh to the burned skin and the skin is scratched sharp objects.

3. Overcoming itching

A natural compound that is able to reduce the itching caused by insect bites such as ants or mosquitoes only can you get at the content of this natural banana skin. Only by attaching a banana skin in itchy skin, taste the flavor will be lost.

4. Eliminate annoying warts on the skin

If you want to remove warts naturally, attach the banana skin warts section in a long time. To keep the activities you can walk, you can use the plaster so that banana peel can stick longer. To speed up the healing of wounds, you can also use as a medium banana skin wound healing natural medicine without leaving a trace.

5. Eliminate the headaches

The other benefits of banana peel which is to eliminate the headache. You simply smooth the skin of banana and mengompreskannya on your head so that the banana peel aroma refreshes your head.

Banana Skin For Alternative Energy Sources

Banana peel is not only useful for treating various diseases and maintaining skin beauty. This material proved effective as an alternative energy source. A research has shown that banana peel is able to generate electrical energy large enough until now processed into a coal power battery.

Well, that's a collection of content review banana peels that contain high vitamins to minerals beneficial to health problems of the body. The content of the banana skin that can heal burns, relieve headaches, to remove the scar serves both as an electric substitute or alternative electrical energy sources that are reliable. For that, there is no harm if you re-use of natural materials that are safe for treating various diseases using this banana skin benefits.